The ATF 2024 is a leading travel tradeshow in Southeast Asia, bringing together accredited sellers and international buyers.
You will have the opportunity to meet new and existing business partners through quality face-to-face meetings over 5 TRAVEX sessions, from 24-26 January.

Seller’s Profile

  • Showcase your latest services and solutions to tourism boards, travel partners, destination management companies, professional conference organisers and many more.

  • Generate quality business leads through global travel buyers and key decision makers.

  • Leverage on ATF 2024 for marketing promotions and publicity campaigns.

  • Access the ASEAN Tourism Conference to learn about regional trends.

Booth Rates

Booth (9sqm) USD 2,900 USD 3,200
Full Delegate (TRAVEX) USD 680 USD 880
Co-Delegate USD 500 USD 630
Accompanying Persons USD 250 USD 250

Note: A minimum purchase of 9sqm is required in order to be able to purchase the full delegate pass

Booth Types

Sellers may choose from two options for their booths at the TRAVEX:

Shell Scheme (9 sqm booth)

  • 3m x 3m booth space
  • One fascia name
  • Wall panels
  • One table
  • Two chairs
  • Two lamps
  • One electric plug
  • One wastebasket

Raw Space

Sellers may appoint their own contractors to design and build their stands, subject to the organiser’s approval.

Booth Entitlement

1 Complimentary 9sqm booth
2 Full Delegate Pass
  • 1 complimentary full delegate pass
  • Every subsequent 9sqm – purchase 1 full delegate pass
  • Every 9sqm – purchase 1 full delegate pass
3 Co-Delegate Pass
4 Access to TRAVEX

(Both Full & Co-Delegate)

(Both Full & Co-Delegate)

5 Access to ASEAN Tourism Conference

(Both Full & Co-Delegate)

(Both Full & Co-Delegate)

6 Access to Pre-Scheduled Appointment system

(Full Delegate ONLY)

(Full Delegate ONLY)

7 Access to Key Functions (Opening Ceremony & Closing Ceremony)

(Full Delegate ONLY)

(Both Full & Co-Delegate)

8 Complimentary Daily Shuttle (To/ From Official Hotel, Venues, and Official Functions)

(Both Full & Co-Delegate)

(Both Full & Co-Delegate)

The Organiser reserves the right at all times to, without the Seller having the right to compensation:

  • change the dates of TRAVEX
  • cancel TRAVEX due to any cause whatsoever including but not limited to any cause pursuant to Clause 19 below.

No application can be cancelled or altered unilaterally by the Seller. The Organiser may comply with a request to cancel the application subject to the condition that the Seller pays a compensation for cancellation. The ATF 2023 TRAVEX Secretariat must be notified in writing by letter, facsimile or email of any cancellation or delegate substitution. The amount of compensation will depend on the time of cancellation and will be calculated at a percentage of the total space/booth rental and registration fees payable in accordance with the following schedule:

Receipt of notice of cancellation Compensation to the Organiser
a) On or before 1 August 2023 Administrative fee of US$200 will be charged for cancellation of each TRAVEX booth
b) After 1 August 2023 100% of the invoiced amount for cancellations of TRAVEX booths
c) On or before 15 November 2023 Administrative fee of US$100 will be charged for cancellation of each Full Delegate/Co-Delegate
d) After 15 November 2023 Cancellation of any Full Delegate and/or Co-Delegate will be charged the Full amount of the respective badge price

Additional clauses

  • All refunds will only be remitted after the close of ATF 2023.
  • An administrative fee of US$60 will be charged for every substitution made for a Full Delegate or Co-Delegate if notification is received after 15 November 2023.
  • Lost badges will only be replaced upon payment of an administrative fee of US$50.

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